Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Offers Authentic Beauty & Strength

Laminate Flooring in Plaistow, NH

Save money and install beautiful floors in your home with laminate flooring from Ed's Flooring America, in Plaistow, NH. Visit our expansive showroom to browse our many attractive laminate flooring options. You’ll discover that our selection is extensive, not expensive! Let our flooring experts help you find the perfect laminate floors to match the style of your room and suit your aesthetic preferences. After that, our laminate flooring installation professionals can quickly and accurately install your new floor. With a simple care routine and proper installation, your laminate floors will provide you with years of beauty and durability.

Laminate floors offer a great amount of convenience, cost efficiency, and beauty to any home. All of these factors are made possible by a special manufacturing process. Laminate flooring is created by fusing four essential layers into an extruded sheet. The core layer of wood and fiberboard is compressed under high heat to provide stability in high-traffic areas. The photograph or “image” layer makes it possible to reproduce any pattern or image you’d like. On the back of the flooring product is a moisture-resistant layer, and an invisible resin sealer is applied to the top to protect against scratches and other wear.

Wood-look laminate by Shaw in kitchen setting with white counters, kitchen island, and tiled backsplash

Laminate Tile Flooring for Any Room

A laminate floor is a resilient and attractive flooring choice for any room in the house. It has been called “the ultimate copycat” for its ability to mimic many other kinds of flooring, yet at an affordable price per square foot. Laminate tile flooring options can be printed to simulate ceramic floors, porcelain tile, hardwood of any variety, or even natural stone flooring. It is an ideal flooring choice for multiple connecting rooms because it provides smooth transitions and a seamless appearance.

Laminate floors are also easy to maintain. They are resistant to stains, scratches, and other damage, and they only require daily sweeping and occasional mopping to look as good as new for many years. Perfect in the kitchen, they effectively prevent water from damaging your new floor and the underlayment. A kitchen sponge can quickly clean up spills on the spot. The water resistance of laminate flooring means you and your family are protected from potential unseen mold growth underneath your floors.

For families with asthma and allergy sufferers, laminates are an ideal way to ease the symptoms of allergies. Unlike other types of flooring, laminate floors don’t hold in allergens like dust, pollen, or pet dander. All it takes to keep your home allergen-free is a simple daily sweep and mop to clean up any dust accumulation. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, if you have pets that shed regularly, laminate floors make cleaning up after them a breeze.

Versatile Wood-Look LaminateFlooring Options

One of our most popular options is laminate wood flooring. Printed to mimic virtually any type of hardwood floor, this flooring is a wonderful and cost-effective alternative for any home. In addition to being stylish and durable, laminate flooring is easier to care for, making it an excellent choice for busy families. In addition, it is more resistant to spills, stains, and other damage, so homes with children, pets, or high levels of activity often choose laminate wood flooring instead of hardwood. You’re able to have all the beauty of hardwood floors at a more manageable price and maintenance level.

In addition to the personal benefits afforded by these floors, you’re also doing the environment a favor by cutting down on the number of trees required to create hardwood floors. With the innovative printing capabilities, laminate flooring can be printed to mimic the appearance of virtually any type of wood grain, including exotic or protected species of trees.

A Wide Selection of Preferred Laminate Flooring Brands

Whether you’re searching for a hardwood appearance, natural stone look, or virtually any other design, we carry some of the top-rated brands in laminate flooring. For a refined, timeless appearance, laminate wood flooring by Floorcraft™ is an excellent choice. Available in a variety of colors and woodgrain intensities, you have a huge variety of affordable options.

In addition to Floorcraft™ brand floors, we carry industry favorites like Mannington™, Mohawk™, and Shaw™. These well-loved brands have earned their place as favorites by providing some of the highest quality and cost efficiency time after time. Our flooring specialists are always happy to discuss the benefits of each brand with you. Tell us about your home, your personal tastes, and your family’s lifestyle, and we’ll help you decide what’s best for your home and budget.

Professional Laminate Flooring Installation

Count on our professionals for fast and easy laminate flooring installation. Using a click-lock system, these types of floors make installation quick to complete for our specialists. The tongue-and-groove installation method allows the laminate to be assembled like a puzzle, greatly increasing the speed and accuracy of the installation process and leaving your floor smooth.

Some brands of laminate flooring even have glue applied at the factory. Our installer simply dampens the glue backing and affixes the laminate to the floor, completing the installation. With professional installation, your new laminate floors will look exquisite for many years to come.

If you’re not happy with your laminate floors for any reason within 30 days of installation, we’ll replace them with any floor of equal value. That is our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. We also provide a special warranty for our Five-Star-Rated laminate flooring options. 

Contact us today to learn more about how laminate flooring can improve any room in your house on your budget. We proudly serve Plaistow, Atkinson, Hampstead, Kingston, Danville, and the surrounding areas in New Hampshire, as well as Haverville, Massachusetts.


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