Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Flooring in Plaistow, NH

Finding the Right Ceramic Tile For Your Lifestyle

Our selection of ceramic tile flooring here at Ed's Flooring America in Plaistow, New Hampshire, has you covered if you are looking for the ideal combination of durability and beautiful visuals for your next flooring option. From natural Italian stone to wood-tone ceramic tiles, we have the industry's trendiest tile designs.

Ceramic tile is not only an excellent choice for any room of the house, but it is also very versatile and can be used on surfaces such as countertops, shower walls, backsplashes for sinks, and more. Best of all, we have the large-scale purchasing power of Flooring America behind us, which means we can offer quality ceramic tile at unbeatable prices.

To find the right ceramic tile to fit your lifestyle, visit our gorgeous showroom today and consult with our design experts. We proudly serve Plaistow, NH,  Southern New Hampshire, Seacoast, and Northern Massachusetts.

What Are the Benefits to Ceramic Tile Floors?

There are many advantages to installing ceramic tile, including its convenient to clean features and natural longevity. Perhaps the main benefit of installing ceramic tiles in your home is that they are waterproof and work in wet areas such as your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, as they withstand moisture. This means that you won't have to worry about the hassle of water damage when you choose to install ceramic tile floors. 

Although ceramic tiles come in an incredible variety of shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and styles, our design experts will guide you through our entire collection to help you find the ceramic tile that fits your home design aspirations.

How To Clean Ceramic Tile

Quick cleaning is one of the most significant components of having ceramic floor tiles and ceramic tiles. To keep them free from accumulating dust, you can sweep and vacuum your ceramic tile floors regularly. Many ceramic tiles are dirt resistant, allowing the tiles to retain their bright, new appearance for years to down the line.

Damp mopping is highly recommended for your ceramic tile floors; however, before using any chemical cleaners, you should be sure to check your floor's warranty as certain chemicals can damage the glaze of your tile.

Ceramic Tile Installation

When it comes to installing your ceramic floor tiles, we advise you to hire our team of experienced installers for the best results. Our experts have the required expertise, experience, and top-of-the-line equipment necessary to install your new tile. Sometimes, when ceramic tiles are improperly installed, daily problems like loose tiles, irregular grout lines, and defective sealants can result. It can also prove more expensive to outfit yourself with the required construction materials needed for this project than to incorporate professional installation fees into your total purchase of tiles.

Consult our team for the professional ceramic tile installation you deserve to ensure your new flooring can withstand your everyday lifestyle activities. Contact us today to find your new beautiful ceramic floors and begin living on them immediately. 



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